Robert J. Sawyer: Rollback

It is hard to entertain, and, at the same time, talk about things that matter. Like life .. and things like science, and have people in the text lead lives that sound possible, quite normal. Robert J. Sawyer manages to do that, to me at least. It’s refreshing to read a book, in which, in spite of science fictional setting, more than half the women suddenly don’t disappear from everyday life, and people have lives that sound like they are lived, say, now, like in this book. It’s possible, maybe, that aliens will contact us in a near future. It is also possible that some day, in some way, we manage to extend the life of humans considerably. What does it mean to us, if those two things happen? And what it would mean, if things don’t go quite as planned. Lots of cultural connections with people of my (and Sawyer’s) generation, lots of humour, lots of science, too. And a good read.

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